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2012 Third person shooter horror game created by Capcom. It is directed by Sasaki Eiichiro and produced by Kobayashi Hiroyuki and Hirabayashi Yoshiaki. It is set after Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil Damnation.

Unlike previous main Resident Evil games, this game features three sets of protagonists instead of following one or two from beginning to end. The game is divided into three campaigns although the campaigns intersect and its characters interact with each other. It is also the first time series heroes Leon and Chris interact with each other face to face on screen.

Each campaign except Ada's, stars two protagonists who are both playable. In single player mode, the other protagonist is controlled by the AI. The player can choose to play the game with a friend for a co op run.

Despite the heroic efforts of Leon, Chris, Claire, and Jill, the international situation hasn't improved much. Bio-terror attacks still break out around the world. In the city of Tall Oaks, Leon witnesses the President of the United States transform into a zombie right when he was about to explain to the general populace what really happened in Raccoon City 15 years prior. The city is soon overrun with zombies and Leon teams up with Helena Harper to fight their way out in a campaign that is reminiscent of Resident Evil 2; it is also the only story with traditional zombies. They soon discover that the culprit responsible for Tall Oaks' attack is closer to home.

Chris has not fared much better and has fallen into a deep depression after an entire platoon of his was killed in a bio terror attack. He has left the BSAA and has become much more hostile and anti-social than he used to be. Piers Nivans manages to convince him to return to the BSAA and the two of them head to China to deal with an outbreak there and learn that 'Ada Wong' is responsible. Upon hearing of this, Chris grows hell bent on avenging his platoon, clouding his judgement. Piers tries to get his captain to keep it together while they battle against a new breed of bio-organic weapon, the J'avo.

Sherry Birkin has now grown up and is a government agent who is sent to Eastern Europe to protect mercenary Jake Muller because his blood can stop the C Virus and prevent the outbreaks from happening. The two of them work together to escape from a new and deadly B.O.W. called the Ustanak which is pursuing Muller.

After the above three campaigns are completed, Ada's story is unlocked. A fourth campaign focusing on Ada Wong is unlocked after the others are completed. Her story mode is unique in that it is the only one where the main character is canonically by herself. For co-op play, a character called Agent functions as the secondary player. However, the character is not canon and does not appear in any cutscenes. Each campaign offers one side of the game's plot. The full spectrum of the plot is only revealed if the player plays through all campaigns and unlocks all of the secret files, which can be done by destroying snake emblems scattered around the environment in the main game.

The game follows the basic gameplay format of Resident Evil 4 and 5. It is more action packed than previous Resident Evil installments. It features a cover system and the characters are more agile than they were before, having the ability to slide along the ground or dive backwards and shoot while they're on their backs. There is also a quick shot mechanic that lets characters fire off a rapid shot at the closest enemy stunning them at the cost of one stamina bar. The game also brings back some aspects of pre-RE4 Resident Evil like the return of classic zombies in Leon's story mode as well as Sherry Birkin who had been absent from the franchise for years. Jake's story mode is also modeled after Resident Evil 3 Nemesis.

Besides the Mercenaries mode introduced in Resident Evil 4, the game adds a multiplayer Agent Hunt mode which allows players to play as the monsters and attempt to kill the human characters.

On April 4, 2013, a DLC adding characters from Left 4 Dead 2 was released for the PC port of the game.

The game is notably one of the more controversial installments of the franchise with a much more mixed critical reception in comparison to past entries in the series. The game sold 4.9 million copies by April 2013.






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